The Bathroom Remodeling Experience Redefined.

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, your oasis. In a world where life moves too fast, a bathroom can be a great retreat or a practical space that makes your morning routine go smoothly. That is, when it is well-designed. You’d be surprised at the impact a good bathroom remodel can have on the utility of the space, its beauty, and your overall satisfaction with your home.

Bathrooms are one of the primary spaces in the home that feel dated. Yes, they are intimidating DIY projects, but a professional bathroom remodel can be low-stress and enjoyable. That’s always our goal at ReCraft Home Remodeling. We offer a far superior remodel experience for our clients because we want them to feel good about the journey and not just the end result (although that of course is important too).

Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is a unique space that has the power to both jump start your day at sunrise and help you decompress at sunset. Few rooms have the job of being both incredibly practical as well as a luxurious place of relaxation and wellness.

Whether you’re looking to be transported to a spa-like sanctuary or energized by a bright, fresh kaleidescope of color, ReCraft can help determine your needs, desires, and create your own personal slice of heaven. When we are done, you will never want to leave your bathroom.

The Remodeling Experience Redefined

Especially in the bathroom, homeowners are right to be skeptical about how their renovation will go. Few companies in our industry put in proper effort to ensure you’ll have a low-stress remodeling experience that focuses on your needs. But at ReCraft Home Remodeling, we take a different approach. We focus obsessively on providing a great remodel experience for all of our customers. You chose to work with professionals because you wanted your remodel to go smoothly, so we ensure that happens. Here is how we make your bathroom remodel experience better:

  • Careful planning:  You can’t execute a project properly if it's not planned properly. We have extensive experience with bathroom remodeling and plan for virtually all possible scenarios. You can feel comfortable and confident trusting us with the details.
  • Clear scheduling:  You’ll always know exactly what is happening with your project and when. Our scheduling is clear, well defined and we stick to it.
  • Communication:  No one wants to feel out of the loop on their own remodeling project. We communicate effectively and often so that you have the peace of mind you need to relax and have peace of mind that your project is running smoothly.
  • Actual care:  Every member of our team can sympathize with someone who has been through a renovation. We care, that’s why we put such effort into making the bathroom remodeling experience as low-stress as possible.
Green Bath and Shower

Extremely Pleased With The Results

melissa d.

We hired ReCraft to remodel our bathroom and were extremely pleased with the results. The work was very well done, and Mike did a great job throughout the entire process communicating with us about the project. I especially appreciated that someone from ReCraft was available to come shopping with us to pick out fixtures and tile so that we knew we were choosing the right products for our project and budget. We had an idea of what we wanted, but Mike was also very helpful with recommending the right window, flooring, and tile for the space. We also had ReCraft replace a couple of windows in our house, and they did an excellent job with that as well. The contractors were pleasant and professional, cleaned up the workspace when they were done, and finished the project on time.

Blue Striking Bathroom

Remodeling Bathrooms In Portland’s Older Home Styles

We have a long history in Portland and love to work with the historic home styles you can find in our city. While it is a joy to restore these homes,it can be frustrating to live with an outdated bathroom designed for a different era. ReCraft can help achieve the updated bathroom of your dreams, while retaining the charm of your home.

We have experience incorporating period appropriate tile and finish details into our projects, and have relationships with the suppliers who make them. Here are some of the historic home styles that we have worked on in Portland:

  • Portland Foursquare
  • Craftsman
  • Mid-Century Modern Split Level
  • American Ranch
  • Victorian

We’re Experts In Complex Remodeling Projects

A bathroom remodeling project can quickly become complicated. Adding new plumbing and electrical, expanding the space, moving it entirely, or installing intricate tiles and other materials requires coordination with many different professionals. While some find complex bathroom remodels daunting, we find them exhilarating. They’re a chance to create something truly transformative that you will be thrilled with, and we relish the challenge of getting it done.

We have strong collaboration skills and excel at projects which require interaction between architects, engineers, designers and other professionals. We keep track of all the little details despite the complexity. And we aren’t afraid to choose environmentally sound materials or processes, even when they add to the challenge of the project. No matter the size of your bathroom remodel, you can expect us to offer honest project timelines and work hard to keep them.

Had a great experience with Mike and crew at ReCraft on our master bathroom and bedroom remodel. Timely, excellent communication, excellent value. They were quick to resolve any problems that arose, and they made clear that my satisfaction was their top priority. They especially worked hard to make sure the rest of the house stayed clean and dust-free while we lived in it through the remodel (with kids and a dog). No small feat! I'd definitely use them again.

I'd Definitely Use Them Again!


Guidance For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

There are fantastic bathroom designs out there, and new trends and styles are always sweeping through. It can be hard to balance what you need against what you think looks good. And you should get both, which is why we’re here to help.

Picking out finishes and fixtures can be difficult, never mind navigating the feasibility in an older home. Bathrooms are certainly not rooms you want to tackle by yourself. Thankfully, we are here with the guidance you need to make the design process smooth and seamless. We’ll help you get a bathroom that you’ll love, project your bathroom remodel cost, and help you with every other aspect of the remodel.

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Are you tired of your bathroom and ready to update it? Or are you aiming to add value to your home or help it sell faster with a thorough bathroom remodel? Either way, our team can help you make your bathroom remodel a fantastic process with a stunning end result.

If you’re thinking of starting a bathroom remodel near Portland, reach out to us today for a free bathroom remodel consultation.

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