The Portland Home Remodeling Experience Redefined

A refreshingly new remodeling experience where you'll feel so good about your home remodeling project that you can't help but dream up the next project while we're finishing the first.





Why You'll Feel As Good About The Remodeling Experience As You Will About The Finished Product

Respect for you and your home is at the foundation of it all. We take great care in understanding your vision, needs and wishes, and then we develop a plan that will take you from where you are today to your newly remodeled home. Whether you already have plans or are just beginning to dream up the changes you want to make to your home, we'll make sure the team is all working in the same direction to get you your dream remodel. It's how we guide you through this journey that makes all the difference.

Caring Communication

You are at the center of everything we do. We're committed to keeping you involved and informed at every step throughout the remodeling process. We are your guide for decisions, overcoming challenges, and crossing the finish line.


Our goal is to make your remodel a smooth experience; to this end we pride ourselves on our organization and processes. We even offer a cloud-based client portal to keep everything about your remodel in one place.

Attention To Detail

We understand that 'your delight is in the fine details' — we never lose sight that the big picture is made up of the smaller details. We're not just contractors, we're craftsmen who care.

We used ReCraft on our full-house remodel, and couldn't be happier with the results. ReCraft was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. They are very organized, communication is great, they have a strong and reliable stable of subs, and stayed precisely on schedule to meet our move-in date. On top of all that, the caliber of work is outstanding. Highly recommended!

Beeman S. // Whole House Remodel

We would absolutely use them again.
They were very helpful with the design and building. The communication was also very good. They were very timely and always showed up on time. We felt comfortable with them in our home. If ever needed we would absolutely use them again and we have even recommended them to several people.

Aaron S. // Full Kitchen Remodel

They did an amazing job! I can't say enough about it. He was very prompt. A lot of contractors are flaky with timing, but when he said he'd be here, he showed up. He wanted to do the best job possible and paid attention to detail. He was great at communicating. He kept us updated on his next step and how long things would take. I would hire him again without a doubt.

Norana C. // Remodel

We don't just care about doing the job right (and we do care about that a lot!)

We care about how you feel during the process!

  • Winner of Contractor Of The Year 6 years in a row
  • Winner of Oregon Home Structure + Style Awards
  • Winner of the GuildQuality Guildmaster Award 6 years in a row
  • Angi Super Service Award Winner
  • Over 75 Five-Star Reviews
  • Over 230 Successful Remodels
  • Over 25 Clients Return For Multiple Projects

Your Portland Remodeling Experts

We know Portland homes. We are known for our skill at retaining the style, era, and feel of all of Portland's unique home styles — or if you're hoping for a juxtaposition of styles, we do that too. Whether you're looking for a Portland remodeler to do a full house remodel, add on an accessory dwelling unit, or remodel your basement, kitchen or bathroom, we can help.

Full House Remodeling Services Portland


Whether you want to modernize or maintain the era styling of your house, we will take your vision and your desires and deliver the upgraded home of your dreams. You get to keep the parts of your home you love and add your wish list.

Learn more about a Whole House Remodel

Basement Remodeling Services Portland


Converting your basement into usable space that aligns with the rest of your home is our specialty. And you'll be amazed with the options available to you to maximize your new space and make it an amazing area for your family.

Learn more about a Basement Remodel

Kitchend Remodeling Services Portland


It's the most used room of your home, so let's take it from just 'okay' to a place you want to spend more time in and entertain with. We'll guide you through design, material selection, and the entire remodeling process.

Learn more about a Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Services Portland


Ready to pamper yourself and turn your bathroom into a personal spa where you can recharge? We'll guide you through the design options available to you which will knock your socks off... literally.

Learn more about a Bathroom Remodel



Adding on an addition or an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) can dramatically expand the usable dwelling space of your home. We're pros at making it fit perfectly with the design of your house.

Learn more about an Accessory Dwelling Unit Remodel

The Remodeling Process Redefined






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Discover A Different Remodeling Experience For Yourself

At ReCraft Home Remodeling we see ourselves as do-gooders, people who are trying to revolutionize an industry; if you want to call us remodeling superheroes we'll take it, but really we just see ourselves as people treating people the right way.

When our founder and owner Mike Andreyuk started ReCraft he wanted to create a business that delivered both amazing craftstmanship and also a great customer experience. An experience that says "Wow, these guys really care". And so that's exactly what he's done. 



You can't have a good experience working with a remodeling contractor if you don't have good communication. We know that healthy relationships are created and sustained through good communication. Yes, it takes a little extra effort, but the payoff is huge. So we work hard to communicate clearly with you, with the architect, with designers, with subcontractors, with suppliers, even with your family pets :-)


We're super organized. From the first visit where we get a good grasp of the vision for your home remodeling project, to the estimate and budget, to scheduling and planning, to the daily tasks and subcontractor coordination — we're on it. We even provide a Project Portal for you where everything is available to you in a few convenient clicks.


This is a big one that many homeowners are really looking for. This is really important to us as well, and for that reason we have very refined processes for creating budgets, timelines, and schedules. And we stick to them. Our clients love the calendar of work we provide to them that clearly shows what will be done, when it will be done, and by whom it will be done.


Nobody likes surprises or increased budgets, and we too, don't like those uncomfortable conversations. It's a fact of remodeling that we will inevitably uncover things during a remodel that changes the scope, or sometimes clients even add on to what they want during the project and that's ok. Sometimes there are even changes beyond everyone's control that cause cost increases in supplies. Here's the good news — we're in this together. We'll keep you apprised of any changes and potential challenges, or if you want something that's going to radically change your budget, we'll tell you. Ultimately we're here as your partner to inform, educate, and take your vision to reality.


We've won some pretty amazing remodeling awards and these mean a lot to us as a team and validate our leadership in the business, but the greatest remodeling award of all is your smile and thanks at the end of the project. And even greater than this — the countless clients who have hired us for second, third, or fourth remodeling projects because the first was such a great experience for them. That is the greatest award of all in our minds.


The best way to alleviate your concerns is for you to hear what others say about their experience of working together with us. Please check out our reviews and testimonials section, and if you'd like to talk to a client of ours about their experience as a reference we might be able to arrange that for you.

In addition to our very happy past clients, some of our biggest fans and referrers are the architects, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers that work with us. They constantly introduce us to homeowners, and the reason? They say it's because of their confidence in our expert craftmanship and how well we treat our clients.


The ReCraft Remodeling Manifesto

To understand how we deliver such a great remodeling experience you need to understand that it's been in our DNA from day one. We've seen how people are taken advantage of and mistreated by some contractors and we determined that this wasn't right, that people should in fact be able to get great quality craftsmanship for their remodel while at the same time be treated with respect. So we have done that, we've redefined the remodeling experience.

The ReCraft Remodeling Manifesto

What We Believe:

  • You deserve a great remodeling experience.
  • You deserve great craftsmanship.
  • You should receive good communication which involves good listening and sound guidance.
  • You deserve an organized and clean jobsite in your home.
  • You, your family, your home, your property, even your neighbors and pets should be treated with respect.

What We Believe About Our Team:

  • Everyone on our team is important and should be treated with respect.
  • We're building people as much as we're building homes — we invest in our team and support their development.
  • We expect everyone to work hard and bring their best to the job site.

Unique Portland Remodeling For Portland's Unique Home Styles

We Are Portland Home Remodeling Experts. We understand Portland. We live, work and play in Portland. Whether your home is a Portland Foursquare, an American Ranch, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern Split-Level, or a Bungalow, we've remodeled them all and understand the unique challenges each one presents. Our skill at matching or complementing era-specific design and construction techniques enables us to create the remodel that you are dreaming of.


The design of your space is critical to accomplishing your goals, and whether you have an architect and a full set of plans already or just the inkling of an idea for a remodel, we can work our process all the same and produce incredible results.

What's A Project Calendar

One of the tools we use to keep projects on-time and on-budget is a project calendar. We also use this valuable tool to share with you when things will happen and keep you apprised of who will be on-site. It's also a form of accountability — you can hold us to it.

Remodeling Schedule Sample

What's A Client Project Portal

Our CLIENT PROJECT PORTAL is an online website that makes it easy for you to access documents and information related to your project. Think of it as your one-stop for everything you need to know about your remodeling project.

Why Architects & Designers Love Working With Us

Their Scheduling And Cost Estimating Are Superb

Michael Howells, ARCHITECT

It's hard to distill all the good things I could say about ReCraft into one short paragraph. Their scheduling and cost estimating are superb. As an architect, my ideal is to collaborate with a builder who will work tirelessly to realize my design intent, and I am demanding in this regard. Mike Andreyuk and his team do this with grace on every project. Every client I have recommended them to speaks highly of them long after their projects are complete, and that's a rare achievement in the construction industry.

When we work with architects and designers we integrate them into the remodeling process. At ReCraft, we see architects and designers as key members of the remodeling team. When design, structural, or material changes need to happen, we work with the other professionals on the team to ensure we're coming up with the best solutions and finished product for our client.

The architects we work with say they love working with ReCraft because of our processes and high degree of communication. We provide a submittals process with the architect to confirm all materials and fixtures are correct and align with the intended design. They also appreciate how we include them in the brainstorming process to overcome unforeseen design challenges that may occur during the remodeling process. 

ReCraft Exceeded My Expectations


I am an architect and ReCraft was the general contractor for one of my client's projects this past year. The project was a whole house remodel that included a kitchen, two bathrooms, all new interior finishes, a rear stair/deck addition, construction of a new stair through two floors and a dormer addition.

Working with Mike and his team was a fantastic experience. They were thorough, asked good questions when needed, on time and on budget. They kept the owner and myself up to date on progress during the entire project.

The stair construction was particularly complicated; it involved squeezing in a new stair to connect three floors under a new dormer all while maintaining existing access to the various levels. Additionally, Mike's crew had to deal with Portland's relentless rainy winter and keep everything dry throughout. They pulled it off beautifully.

As an architect, I am VERY picky about the quality of construction of my projects. ReCraft exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

So if you're an architect, designer, or homeowner looking for a remodeler that will collaborate well together, give us a call to start the conversation today at 503-939-9782

Have You Been Frustrated By Contractors Who:

  • Don't communicate with you
  • Don't listen to your vision and needs
  • Make big promises but don't deliver
  • Don't stick to timelines and budgets
  • Don't clean up after themselves
  • Are disorganized
  • Don't treat you with respect
  • Fail to facilitate living in your home during the remodel
  • Can't show you a clear project roadmap
  • Don't hire quality tradespeople

If so, you're not alone and you shouldn't have to deal with these common frustrations. Many people who seek us out to be their contractor are looking for something different. That's why at ReCraft we've redefined the remodeling experience. We treat you like we'd want to be treated. We never forget that this is your home and remodeling is a personal experience.

People should be treated like people throughout a remodeling project.

GuildQuality Member
5 Star Reviews

What Our Clients Say About Their Experience

We think we're pretty darn good at what we do, but we believe that nothing speaks to the experience of working with us louder than the voice of our clients. With over 75 Five-Star Reviews, our clients have great things to say about the finished product, the process of working together, and the overall experience. To help draw out the most important things clients have shared we've created this word cloud from their actual reviews.  To read client testimonials, click here.

ReCraft Home Remodeling Reviews and Testimonials Portland
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