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2019 Award-Winning Residential Bathroom Remodel

One of the projects we are most proud of is our Contractor of the Year 2018 award-winning residential bathroom remodel in an older Portland, Oregon home, from cramped and confined to spacious and spectacular.

Anyone who has lived in an older home can relate to the problem of small spaces. As charming as this 1909 Craftsman home was to begin with, its owners struggled with storage issues and cramped spaces upstairs, even as a small family of two. Trying to use a small bathroom at the same time in the mornings to get ready for the day was a challenge, to say the least.

The solution lay in the sacrifice of one small corner bedroom in order to open up the space for a bigger master bedroom and a full-size spa-like bathroom retreat, including separate areas for a water closet, a wash room, and a bathing room. This opened up the flow of traffic tremendously and introduced ample opportunities for more storage.

Working with a Design Professional on a remodel of this scale is a critical piece for ensuring that you get the most out of the space, and we were thrilled to once again partner with Howells Architecture + Design on this award-winning project.

This Residential Bathroom Remodel Included:

A Separate Water Closet

The original cramped bathroom of this home included a very dated tub/shower combination.

GS residential bathroom remodel - water closet area - before
The outdated shower/tub combination was removed to create space for a separate Water Closet in the newly designed master bathroom.

In the reconstruction of the upstairs space, this area became a separate water closet, complete with sliding pocket door, which we repurposed from an old door in another area of the home, sanded and refinished to match the cabinetry in the wash room.

A larger window was cut out over the toilet, allowing much more natural light to flood into the space. In addition, a Cedar & Moss ceiling light was mounted for illumination in the evenings.

residential bathroom remodel with separate water closet
The new Water Closet area

A mainstay of the entire bathroom remodel, vibrant blue Heath Ceramic tile was placed around the bottom half of the wall in the water closet as wainscot.

The Master Bath Wash Room

Separating the main functions of the bathroom area into their own spaces allows more than one person to use the facilities without tripping over each other. The new wash room area was rebuilt with an extensive concrete countertop which dives into a ramp-style integrated sink, making cleanup a breeze.

G-S residential bathroom remodel - new wash room sink

Master craftsmanship is on full display in this area, showcasing grain-matched flush-inset cherry cabinetry (with ample storage for a family’s bathroom essentials) contrasting beautifully with the vibrant turquoise Heath Ceramics wall tile, which would become a dominant feature flowing throughout the entire bathroom remodel. 

A larger opening was created for a bigger window directly beside a new large mirror over the sink area, flooding this room with lots of natural light. Matching cherry trim wraps around both the mirror and the new window, creating balance and a strong visual line with the cabinetry below.

To finish the look, surface & wall mount Cedar & Moss globe light fixtures illuminate the space, providing both task and general lighting.

Entry Into Bathing Room

Where there was once a small closet and a non-essential extra bedroom, now is the family’s new bathing room area. 

G-S residential bathroom remodel - new entry to bathing room

A custom transparent frameless glass shower door with Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware swings into the room, closing it off for a spa-like bathing experience.

No home spa is complete without a rainfall showerhead, and this remodel includes a large Oil Rubbed Bronze WaterMark Rainshower Head mounted to the ceiling, with shower controls and hand spray on the left wall. 

Helping to illuminate the space is one 4” recessed shower-rated can light with Tuscan bronze trim.

Step through this entry into a serene retreat that makes the end of every day something to look forward to. Welcome to…

The Bathing Room

Easily this award-winning remodel’s showcase masterpiece, the bathing room truly is a work of art from start to finish.

award-winning residential bathroom remodel

It begins with the continuation of the stunning floor-to-ceiling blue Heath Ceramic tile featured throughout all three areas of this bathroom remodel. However, this is where our craftsmanship shines, as this tile had to be expertly wrapped around both a new skylight built into the angled ceiling, as well as a rectangular niche cut-out in the wall for soap and other bathing essentials. The end result is a smooth, seamless flow of tranquil blue tile throughout the entire space.

Stealing the spotlight in the bathing room, however, is a magnificent red cedar hand-crafted Japanese soaking tub directly under the new skylight at the far end of the room, which contrasts beautifully with the vivid blue tile. 

G-S residential bathroom remodel - new bathing room area - Japanese soaking tub faucet

This area came with its challenges for sure:  additional exterior work was required to accommodate a new beam which allowed for a true vaulted ceiling, as well as navigating the complexity of the tile placement to wrap around the skylight and soap niche. 

However, it was nothing the experts at ReCraft couldn’t handle. Any successful remodel involves careful calculation and problem-solving throughout the entire project. This bathroom remodel was no exception, and the end result is a stunningly exquisite, award-winning home spa retreat that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

What’s on your home remodel wish list? Call in the remodeling experts at ReCraft to help bring your vision to life!


bathroom remodel, ReCraft wins award for bathroom remodel

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