Portland Remodeling Process

The Remodeling Process Redefined.

It takes more than a great team, architectural drawings and skilled craftsmen to create a great remodeling experience. It also requires a well-defined, battle-tested process that will ensure the right things are done by the right people.

Step 1

Request A Free Consultation

Fill out our form or reach out to us by phone or email and tell us what kind of remodeling project you’re considering. This will give us a chance to confirm that what you’re planning is the kind of work we do.

Step 2

Initial Site Consultation

We’ll make an appointment to come and view your home, discuss the goals and vision you have for your project and give you a ballpark on cost and time to complete. This will help us to determine if we move forward to the next steps.

Step 3

Determine Design Requirements

All of our projects require a design. The design is the language that is understood by our staff, tradespeople and vendors. Without it, we can’t effectively communicate your hopes and desires. We can coordinate with one of the many excellent architects/designers we work with or use an in-house designer for smaller projects.

Step 4

Sign Pre-Construction Agreement (Non-Refundable Fee for Estimate)

With your design complete, we can now work to put together a detailed budget and timeline. We will walk through your home and property with the relevant subcontractors, inspectors, and engineers to ensure we have all the information we need to give you a firm and clear picture of what it will take to bring your plans to reality. At this stage, we will also determine if the plans need to be changed or amended to capture the scope of work that you want for your project.

Step 5

Sign Remodeling Contract

With all of the preliminary clarifying work done, we both have the confidence in signing a Contract that has a detailed scope of work with a fixed price. You know what to expect and we know what we have to deliver.

Step 6

Set Up Client Portal

You’ll receive access to your very own REMODELING CLIENT PORTAL. This tool will give you immediate access to all the important details, schedules, material lists, fixture lists, change orders, and even an easy way to make the payments outlined in the Contract. This is a real game-changer that will ensure you know what’s happening during your remodel.

Step 7

Material Selection

All finishes, fixtures, and materials are selected and finalized using our tried and true submittal process. Clients and designers alike love this final check that ensures both design intent and feasibility before ordering. We record and track all materials going into your project so you don’t have to.

Step 8

Project Start

We will begin work, bring in subcontractors, help you with materials selection and design choices, and get your project underway according to the timeline of our agreement. We’ll keep your area as clean as possible after each workday and we’ll ensure you’re kept informed throughout the process.

Step 9

Change Orders/Adjustments/Problem Solving

Most projects have surprises. While our pricing and timelines on known factors won’t be one of them, we may encounter something unexpected and urgent (like asbestos) or you may make a change to your original design or scope plan. Regardless of how they originate, we will always get approval for Change Orders and their impact on pricing and schedule prior to any work being done.

Step 10

Project Completion

At this stage you’ll be completely satisfied with your remodeling experience, we ensure that. You’ll now be able to enjoy your newly remodeled home.

It’s at this stage that many of our clients start to consider their next remodeling project with ReCraft.

Step 11

9-12 Month Check-in

You’ll receive a call from your ReCraft team to ensure that you’re still completely satisfied with your home remodeling project.

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