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Remodeler Southeast Portland - We turn houses into homes in the Southeast Portland area through kitchen, bath, basement, or any other project remodel you desire. All you need is a vision and we'll take care of the rest. 

Southeast Portland is divided into what’s referred to as “inner southeast Portland” and “outer southeast Portland”. Each includes many different neighborhoods with unique features and characteristics. The inner areas are typically much more expensive, but the outer areas have more growth potential.

What sets us apart is our passion for honoring your home like it's our own. Through solid planning with a respect for the environment, we bring your remodeling vision to life.

Your SE Portland Remodeler

Southeast Portland is an exciting place to be. Neighborhoods in SE Portland are diverse and include Belmont, Hawthorne, Woodstock, Mt Tabor, and Sellwood-Moreland. Offering single-family homes to condo living and everything in between, you can choose to live in relative peace and quiet or amid the hustle and bustle of vibrant city life.

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Visiting Southeast Portland? Be sure to check out...

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is dedicated to providing world-class educational experiences in science, technology, and design. Book your kids in for a day or overnight camp where they'll learn about computer or forensic science, animation or astronomy. There's something for everyone at OMSI.

Revolution Hall

Revolution Hall is an iconic masterpiece of architecture, a concert venue offering state-of-the-art acoustics for music concerts, film festivals, and speaking events. Complementing the concert auditorium is a variety of bars and cafes to enjoy before or after a show, as well as the Roof Deck Terrace, which offers stunning 360-degree views of Portland.

Restaurants Galore

If you're a foodie, Southeast Portland is where you want to be. Almost half of the top 40 restaurants in Portland are found in the Southeast. Italian, French, Peruvian, Spanish, American, Eastern European, just to name a few. Do some wine tasting at any of SE Portland's magnificent wineries, or go for afternoon tea at the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. Something for everyone!

Who We Serve As SE Portland Remodeler

You bring the vision, we bring the skills. While we will tackle almost any residential or commercial remodeling project, our passion is restoring older homes and buildings while respecting the original construction — and with many old, craftsman homes lining Southeast Portland neighborhoods, ReCraft should be your first call. Dream big, and we'll deliver!

Kitchen Remodeler Southeast Portland

The kitchen is where people gather. Family or friends, everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen. Is it the functional, welcoming hub you'd like it to be? Or do you dream of something better? A kitchen remodel is an investment that will pay dividends, in current functionality as well as future value. Isn't it time your kitchen worked for you, instead of you working around its shortcomings? Bring your vision to us and we'll give you your dream kitchen.

Bath Remodeler Southeast Portland  

A bathroom performs many functions, and your needs for this space in your home will change as your family grows and evolves. If you have young kids at home, you need a tub that will hold lots of bubbles and bath toys. If you are in your golden years and plan to age in place, you may want a safer walk-in shower with seat and handrails. And beyond these basic functional decisions, you also want an inviting space to escape and relax in at the end of a long day. Whether all you need is new lighting and fixtures, or you want to rearrange the plumbing and build a whole new room, ReCraft will help bring your vision to life.

Basement Remodeler Southeast Portland

If you have unused basement space, or want to rethink how you're using that space now, we can help create a plan to optimize every inch in your basement. The possibilities are endless for a basement remodel:  a dedicated playroom for the kids to keep all their toys in one spot; a guest bedroom for overnight family and friends; an extra bathroom to ease the congestion of busy family life; or a private office for when you're working from home. And storage is always at a premium in a busy family — we can build extra storage space in too. Whatever your basement needs are, we'll come up with a plan to solve them.

Why Choose ReCraft SE Portland Remodeler?

Simple. We don't just remodel your house. We turn it into a home.

  • PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES WITH MINIMAL DISTURBANCE.  Believe it or not, you CAN have a pleasant remodel experience! We are professionals and we work around you. You can get on with your life while we get on with your project. You'll look forward to your next remodel with ReCraft.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND PRODUCTS & PROCESSES.  We believe the remodeling industry has a responsibility to protect and care for the environment as much as possible in the remodeling process. At ReCraft we take this responsibility seriously. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to implement your remodel with the best green building practices.
  • ATTENTION TO SMALL DETAILS MAKEs A BIG DIFFERENCE.  When you are envisioning your dream space, be it kitchen, bathroom, basement, or elsewhere, it's very hard to think of all the details required to put a plan in place. That's why ReCraft is your SE Portland remodeler of choice. We have years of experience and know all the elements to consider. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart.
  • A PROJECT TIMELINE YOU CAN SET YOUR WATCH TO.  At ReCraft we respect your time. When we create a timeline and a schedule for your remodel project, we stick to it. End of story.

"A house is much more than just ‘sticks and bricks’:  it’s a piece of history, a shelter from the elements, and a comfortable place to enjoy life. That’s a delicate equilibrium; one that requires solid planning and sound maintenance"


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