Portland Kitchen Remodeling Photo Gallery

Proof We've Redefined The Kitchen Remodeling Experience.

Explore our gallery of projects to see for yourself the quality of our work. As you explore our kitchen project gallery you'll discover how we've successfully catered to all of our clients' design wishes to turn their kitchen into a masterpiece of practicality and beauty.

  • Was-Mag

  • Applegate

  • Demerritt

  • Kodis-Salmon

  • Britton

  • Hofkamp

  • McConnell

  • Whitman

  • Irvington

  • Brooks

  • Nebryce

  • Poletiek

  • Savitt-Segal

  • Smirl

  • Sten

  • Yost

  • Hinson-Gianola

  • Hecksher

  • Guim

Portland, OR | Wassom-Magnuson Kitchen Remodel

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