Building A Portland Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Accessory Dwelling Unit Remodeling Experience Redefined.

There is a reason accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are increasing in popularity in Portland. All families can benefit from the additional living space that an ADU provides. And, as you’re building an ADU from scratch, you can have precisely what you want from the space in terms of function and style. It’s important to get a quality accessory dwelling unit that matches or exceeds the caliber of the rest of your home. This helps add to and maintain your property’s overall value.

ReCraft has experience in building accessory dwelling units from permit to completion. You’ve probably heard how tedious the permitting and design process can be,, but we believe it shouldn’t be giving you any grey hairs. We are happy to take that burden on for you and aim to provide a much better ADU construction experience than the competition. If you’ve got the property, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your ADU dreams to life.

Discover more about ADUs in Portland below and why you should trust the team at ReCraft Home Remodeling to build yours.

Why An Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Adding a whole new space to your home is very exciting. You’re adding square footage and, when it’s an ADU, a great deal of function. So, it is important to understand exactly what you want out of your ADU before you start thinking about style or finishes. You should be designing your ADU with an end goal in mind. Common uses for ADUs include:

  • Rental spaces:  ADUs are ideal as rental units as they can provide your renter with every space they need, from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens, so that you can keep your rental space separate from the rest of your home.
  • Additional living space:  An ADU can alternately provide the extra space that your own family needs. Additional bedrooms and bathrooms can be very useful for growing families.
  • Entertaining:  Others choose to use their ADU as a sort of guest house. They have a dining or living space for entertaining and use the bedroom in the ADU as a guest room. 
  • Home value:  If you may be selling your home relatively soon it is a good idea to consider how to maximize the additional home value you will get from building an ADU. Most commonly, homeowners design ADUs to be rental spaces to increase the value and attractiveness of a home to a buyer.
  • Home office:  Those who run their own business from home often find that the additional space in an ADU is great for their work. Plus, it is wise to get some separation between your work and your personal living space.
  • Hobby space:  Do your hobbies require a lot of space? There is plenty to be found in an ADU. And we can build in special features you might need for your hobby, like additional ventilation.

Every ADU is unique. Or at least, it should be unique and take into account your needs, your existing home, your property, and your style preferences. We can give you the ADU you’re dreaming of.

The Remodeling Experience Redefined

We provide a radically different remodeling experience for all of our clients, including those who are interested in adding an ADU. We truly care about your experience throughout the remodel, especially because we’re working on a home that you’re currently living in. There is no reason for your remodel to be the frantic, stress-inducing process that it often is. We work to do better and give you peace of mind. Here’s how we do it:

  • Careful planning
  • Clear scheduling
  • Extreme communication
  • Actual care

It Was Just What I Wanted, But Better!


I am very happy with the results of my remodeling project with ReCraft. It is just what I wanted, but better! I have the highest regard for the company and for every member of my team - both personally and professionally. The project was kept on schedule with quality workmanship, products, and processes. They know how to listen and communicate well. I would definitely recommend ReCraft.

ADUs For Historic Portland Home Styles

Over the years, home sizes and our expectations for the size of our home have grown. Many of the historic home styles in Portland are smaller than average and can be greatly improved with the inclusion of an ADU. But combining old and new has challenges. We are prepared to help you maintain the feeling of unity in your home while still adding a highly modern space. We have experience blending old and new to fantastic results. Here are some of the Portland home styles we love to work with:

  • Portland Foursquare
  • Craftsman
  • Mid-Century Modern Split Level
  • American Ranch
  • Victorian

Complex ADUs Deserve Care

ADUs are inherently complex projects, but some are more involved than others. Many require collaboration between architects, engineers, designers and other professionals. While this makes them more complicated, it also makes them more gratifying. We prefer to work on these large, transformative projects because we’re more satisfied with the end results, and so are our clients.

You should trust us with your complex ADU project. We have strong collaboration, planning and execution skills, which means we provide a high-quality finished product and create much less headache for you along the way. Worry less about the integration of your plumbing system with the ADU and spend more time daydreaming about your countertop materials.

I very much appreciate the ReCraft team's attention to detail, regular communication, friendliness to our family, and quality of work. We are thrilled with our new, much larger, much smoother screen door and the other improvements that were part of our project. In any sort of project like this issues come up - the ReCraft team was open, communicative, and collaborated as we worked through decisions. Highly recommended.

We Are Thrilled!


ADU Regulations And Considerations

There are many regulations and building codes surrounding ADUs in Portland that can be hard to interpret. Plus, there are other practical matters, such as extending your electrical system to accommodate the ADU or adding in an HVAC system to deal with the additional square footage the ADU adds. There are so many practicalities to consider, but we can guide you through them so that you’re confident you’re making the right decision for your space.

Of course, there are also more fun things to consider, like the kind of flooring, countertops and wall colors you’ll have in the space. Here, we can guide you to choose the elements you love the most but make it a cohesive style that will look great for years to come.

Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Builder In Portland

Are you just starting to think about what you might want from an accessory dwelling unit? Or, maybe you know precisely how you want your ADU to look. We can help homeowners at any stage of the ADU design and build process. Reach out to us today for a free ADU consultation.

Discover For Yourself A Totally Redefined Remodeling Experience