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Kitchen remodeling continues to be one of the most popular home remodeling projects. Whether you plan to stay in your home for many years or sell relatively soon, you can get incredible value from a kitchen remodel. Few spaces impact our everyday lives as the kitchen does, and few represent the style of the home as well as a kitchen can. Your kitchen is, in many ways, the heart of the home.

The team at ReCraft Home Remodeling is the careful, considerate experts that you should choose to craft your new kitchen for you. With experience on large projects, we can make the major adjustments that your space needs to accommodate the kitchen of your dreams. Plus, with our dedication to keeping your project on budget, on time, and low stress, you’ll be satisfied with the entire remodel experience.

Explore ideas for a kitchen remodel below and learn more about why ReCraft Home Remodeling is the right team to accomplish your kitchen reno.

Why A Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodels are often transformative, making a dated home feel modern and fresh. You have complex needs from your kitchen, not just for daily use but also for entertaining, maybe a spot for the kids to do their homework, or a niche for the cat’s water bowl. We can help you discover and fulfil all of your kitchen needs.

With adjustments, a kitchen can become a more functional part of your home, rather thanone that makes the daily tasks daunting. Here are some items that might be on your Kitchen remodel wish list: 

  • Adding usable Counter Space
  • New cabinetry and interior accessories
  • Improved layout
  • Increased Storage space
  • Modern appliances
  • More versatile space for living and entertaining
  • Better traffic flow
  • Updated finishes
  • Seating for family and friends

You have complex needs from your kitchen, not just for daily use but also for entertaining, maybe a spot for the kids to do their homework, or a niche for the cat’s water bowl. We can help you discover and fulfill all of your needs for your new kitchen.

Choosing Your Kitchen Materials, Appliances And Finishes

There are many decisions to make when designing your new kitchen. From countertops, tile, fixtures to appliances. With all of these choices, it can be hard to balance the budget, style, function, with your heart’s desires.

Our professionals’ knowledge and expertise will help you find the perfect blend while keeping your project on budget. We strive to make the selection process painless and rewarding.

Our Family Loves Our New Kitchen!


Our family loves our new kitchen and bathroom! We are so impressed with ReCraft. Their work and staff are high quality. They were extremely organized and communicated with us throughout the project.

They had great design and construction ideas, while preserving the period of our home. They provided flexibility for adjustments. It was clear they care deeply about the work they do and prioritize client satisfaction. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend ReCraft!

The Remodeling Experience Redefined

It seems like no matter who you talk to, they know a horror story about a kitchen remodel. The countertop material had to be changed last minute, the remodeling company took much longer than they should have, or the end result was just a mess. We seek to offer a radically different experience than is typical in our industry. As the professionals, we plan carefully, follow through on our commitments, so you feel calm and confident throughout the entire remodeling process.

Get A New Kitchen In Your Historic Home

We take extra care in working with older homes. ReCraft can help you ahieve an updated space and layout without sacrificing the historic details of your home. We want your new kitchen to fit seamlessly into the rest of your home, while functioning so much better. We have experience selecting timeless finishes and materials that enhance the character of your home.

Below are some of the historic home styles we have experience working with. We can help you blend old and new elements to find a functional, beautiful balance.

  • Portland Foursquare
  • Craftsman
  • Mid-Century Modern Split Level
  • American Ranch
  • Victorian

Working with ReCraft was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Mike and Ivy were professional, kind, and helped guide me to smart decisions without it ever feeling like they were pushing their agenda or plans. They consistently listened, provided insight and recommendations that fit my budget and long term goals for the house, while also maintaining the integrity of an older home. Throughout the process they were very patient as I went through a variety of plans before making a final decision. I am so happy with the decisions we landed on.

Tim was professional, timely, conscientious, and kind. We had weekly meetings and he was consistently updating me throughout the week. Tim, Dean, and Brandon all have an incredible attention to detail that you hope every person who is working on your house maintains. And they always left my house clean. The project was even ahead of schedule. I highly recommend working with ReCraft!

I highly recommend...


Complicated Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Often, remodeling a kitchen means making changes to the “bones” of a home, opening up a wall or shifting other rooms and spaces. Sometimes, there is the opportunity to do complex work that requires interaction between architects, engineers, designers and other professionals. Luckily, this is exactly the kind of work that we love to do. Collaboration and complexity often end up making for the most transformative projects that we are the most proud of — and that our clients love.

When working with ReCraft on your kitchen remodel you can expect us to go the extra mile and pay attention to the small details. We use environmentally responsible products whenever possible, even when they add to the complexity of the project. We work hard to keep honest and transparent timelines even throughout the most challenging projects.

Adding Value With A Kitchen Remodel

When you’re remodeling a kitchen you are almost certain to be adding a great deal of value to your property. And if you have a goal of selling your home it's important to consider what most people are looking for in a kitchen. The kitchen remodeling experts at ReCraft will guide you through the design process to help you focus on the things that matter the most.

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