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Remodeler North Portland - Turning houses into homes in the North Portland area. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or any other project on your list... ReCraft is your N Portland remodeler.

North Portland, like South Portland, was almost an after-thought, having only recently been declared a new region worthy of its own distinction. No matter where you live or work in North Portland, ReCraft is your premier N Portland remodeler.

What sets us apart is our passion for honoring your home like it's our own. Through solid planning with a respect for the environment, we bring your remodeling vision to life.

Your N Portland Remodeler

North Portland is a mixture of commercial, industrial, and residential areas, and is connected to Northwest Portland by St. Johns Bridge, a 2,067 ft-long suspension bridge. Major landmarks in North Portland include the University of Portland, the Portland International Raceway, and the Port of Portland

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If you’re a visitor in North Portland, don't forget to check out these attractions...

Portland International Raceway

From motocross to drag racing to karting to sports car racing, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the sport of road racing. At Portland International Raceway you can even drive your own car on the track! Check it out!

University of Portland

The University of Portland was named the number one college in Oregon for value according to MONEY Magazine. Fun fact: Kunal Nayyar, who played Raj on The Big Bang Theory, is a UP alum!

Port of Portland

The Port of Portland oversees general aviation and the Portland International Airport, as well as marine activities in the Portland metropolitan area. They work with businesses, from concessions to manufacturing to container shipping, to create jobs in the Portland area.

Who We Serve As N Portland Remodeler

If you can dream it, we'll make it happen! Residential or commercial, we have a passion for restoring older homes and buildings to their original glory, perhaps with a modern twist. And as always, we work within a careful respect for the surrounding environment. We are proud to be your North Portland remodeler of choice.

Kitchen Remodeler North Portland

Is your kitchen tired and in need of a facelift? Perhaps it's not as functional as you think it could be. The kitchen is the nucleus of the home but if it lacks warmth or functionality, people may not feel comfortable gathering in it. Show us your vision of your dream kitchen and we will make it happen. ReCraft is your N Portland Remodeler. With your vision and our expertise, your kitchen will become the favorite place in your home for family and friends to gather.

Bath Remodeler North Portland  

You have different needs for your bathroom space depending on what stage of life you're in. A bathroom designed for families with young children is far different from a bathroom meant for seniors who are aging in place. If your bathroom needs have changed and it's time for an upgrade, come see us with your vision and we'll make it reality. ReCraft is your premier bathroom remodeler North Portland.

Basement Remodeler North Portland

Similarly, your basement needs are different depending on your life stage. Families with kids love having a dedicated play room to keep all the toys in one spot. Or if you have frequent overnight guests you may need an extra bedroom with private bath. Or if you work mainly from home, a separate office away from the hustle and bustle of family activities is a must. Whatever your basement needs are, we can help you optimize the space to achieve your vision. However, basement remodels are not all the same. Older homes have special requirements for basements. But don't worry - we specialize in older home renovations! Give us a call to discuss your North Portland remodeling needs.

Why Choose ReCraft N Portland Remodeler?

Simple. We don't just remodel your house. We turn it into a home.

  • PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES WITH MINIMAL DISTURBANCE.  You don't need to turn your life upside down to accommodate a remodel with ReCraft. We work with you to create a realistic timeline and we professionally go about our business while you go about your life. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the North Portland remodeling experience!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND PRODUCTS & PROCESSES.  We take the environment seriously and as such, our remodeling products and processes reflect the best green building practices. 
  • ATTENTION TO SMALL DETAILS MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.  We have extensive skills and experience in remodeling and will make sure all bases are covered down to the smallest detail. We will make helpful suggestions or recommendations if we think you may have forgotten something, but you will always have the final say.
  • A PROJECT TIMELINE YOU CAN SET YOUR WATCH TO.  Show us your vision. We'll come up with a plan together to bring it to life, including setting a timeline for your project. Then we stick to it. That's it.

"A house is much more than just ‘sticks and bricks’:  it’s a piece of history, a shelter from the elements, and a comfortable place to enjoy life. That’s a delicate equilibrium; one that requires solid planning and sound maintenance"


Choose us as your N Portland Remodeler and get a quote today.