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2024 Award-Winning Residential Bathroom Remodel

We are thrilled to announce we’ve received the 2024 NARI Contractor of the Year Regional recognition for our Irvington award-winning residential bathroom remodel! 

The primary bath of this 1914 Prairie Craftsman Home did not live up to the grandeur of the rest of the home. The steam shower and heated floor were failing, the tile and dated marble chipping, and the room lacked adequate storage.

The soaking tub was too large and set at an odd angle, while the offset shower entry was narrow, leaving a cramped space inside. The vanity was shallow, with only one sink. A random pedestal sink and a strange partial wall were thrown in near the toilet as an afterthought.

The chaotic layout was hindering the function of the room. It was time for a well-thought-out transformation!

After completing 5 projects over the last 9 years for these homeowners we were thrilled they asked us to help with their primary bathroom. One homeowner desired an elegant spa with a feminine touch, while the other was enthusiastic about tying in the view of the yard below with bamboo and a teak Japanese fence.

Both wanted to capture some Pacific Northwest earthiness and bring the outdoors in. We got to work creating the bathroom of their dreams!

Pacific Northwest Meets Elegant Japanese Spa

Irvington Award-Winning Residential Bathroom Remodel - freestanding soaking tub

Sliding into the deep freestanding soaking tub with luxury fixtures is a perfect place to relax and unwind as natural light floods in from the surrounding windows. We reused the existing windows, incorporating more appropriate trim details for the age of the home.

Irvington Bathroom Remodel - heated Japanese Hex tile floor

Stepping onto the heated Japanese Hex tile floor in dark Midori Green combined with the warm Sapele wood of the cabinets feels as if you’re on a warm forest hike in the Pacific Northwest. White walls and glossy mottled wainscot tile generate spa-like tranquility, bouncing light around the room.

Irvington Bathroom Remodel - natural Sapele custom cabinetry

Beautiful natural Sapele custom cabinetry brings warmth and function with double sinks and generous storage. A custom-crafted LED sapele light rail illuminates the mirror alongside custom LED pendants for task lighting. A spacious veined white quartz countertop and counter-to-ceiling mirror provide a perfect make-up station.

Irvington residential bathroom remodel - quartz seams in shower

The same 2cm quartz adds sophistication to the shower walls, sloped back bench, shampoo niche, and sloped ceiling, allowing for effective steam circulation. A new self-cleaning steam unit provides excellent performance without all the maintenance. Topped off with luxury fixtures, a frameless glass shower door, and steam-rated light, there is no need to drive to the spa!

Irvington Bathroom Remodel - custom chandelier with pear-shaped glass tiers

The sparkling custom Chandelier with pear-shaped glass tiers sets the room aglow, delivering that finishing touch of refined elegance. The homeowners are delighted to have a functional space that is luxurious, gorgeous, and invigorating without having to leave home.

Planning For The Future

With safety in mind and the intention of aging in place, grab bars were added at the tub and shower. We selected a slip-resistant floor and added plenty of light.

Logical fixture placement, like centering the tub on the windows, allows for better use of the floor space, eliminating tripping hazards and keeping stations separate for better traffic flow. A functional tile wainscot makes for easy cleanup and protects the walls around the tub from water.

Master Craftsmanship

Custom Sapele cabinetry in a clear coat finish adds generous storage, including a new floor-to-ceiling linen cabinet with pull-outs inside. A better layout allows for double undermount sinks. A simple, timeless design hides clutter and creates a more peaceful atmosphere.

The warm, natural wood grain and deep green floors are reminiscent of the outdoors. Superior Craftsmanship is demonstrated in the cabinetry’s grain-matched door and drawer fronts.

Superior Craftsmanship is again demonstrated in the vein matching of the 2cm Misterio quartz seam throughout the several slabs it took to form the shower. Over nine panels were required to piece together this steam-tight shower, creating a seamless look.

Like piecing together a gingerbread house, the fabricator carefully puzzle-pieced and cut the slabs to create a continuous vein match from the floor to the wrapped ceiling above. It was templated and installed very strategically in multiple site visits.

The end result is a luxurious spa-like steam shower, including a recessed shampoo niche, slope-backed bench, and frameless steam-tight shower door. The smooth texture makes it easy to maintain and clean. High-end Italian fixtures line the wall, enhancing the showering experience.

The overall layout of the vanity was complex as well. It took careful calculation to allow for a full tile above the counter so the grout line could continue around the room at the wainscot.

The custom Sapele light rail and LED driver also had to land at a specific place in the linen cabinet so the power supply could be mounted inside, avoiding pull-out shelves.

Layered Lighting

A layered lighting approach creates dimension and enhances the room. Regressed LED dimmable cans and a large crystal chandelier provide general overhead light. LED sculpted glass pendants and an innovative custom Sapele LED light rail add task lighting at the vanity.

A steam-rated LED can is recessed into the stone at the sloped ceiling to illuminate the shower. Natural light flows in from the windows surrounding the tub. This bright, warm space is functional for users of all ages.

From Disjointed To Dazzling

Enlarging the shower to have a 90-degree corner better utilizes the shower interior and allows for a deeper vanity. The bathroom door was reused and repainted with new hardware. The door casing and trim were replaced to match the new window trim in a more historically accurate manner, losing the ‘ears’.

The unnecessary barrier around the toilet was eliminated, as was the stand-alone pedestal sink for a cleaner, more classic design. The old toilet was replaced with an electronic bidet.

The cabinetry above the bidet now matches the vanity in a more aesthetically pleasing way, adding continuity. The tile wainscot replaces the previously chipping, warped wood wainscot.

Obstacles Overcome

While the end result is stunning, this project was not without its challenges. After ordering the plumbing fixtures we received notification that they were back-ordered. The finish was unique and the client wanted to continue with the chosen fixtures rather than reselecting.

Despite not having the fixtures onsite ahead of time as we prefer, we were able to use the manufacturer-cut sheets to set the rough-ins for the fixtures in the desired locations. This allowed us to be able to continue with the project without affecting the budget or schedule. 

Another issue was with the floor tile. Well before installation, we discovered that half of the floor tile had shown up in the Blue colorway instead of the Green. Since we ordered the tile so far in advance, we had enough time to get it swapped, but upon installing the replacement tile in green, we realized half were a ¼” to ½” smaller than the rest. 

This would throw our entire layout off, so we had to stop and move on to something else while the new tile arrived several weeks later. As soon as we learned of the problem we told the clients there was an issue and adjusted the schedule accordingly so everyone knew of our new target for completing the project. 

We are proud of our work transforming this outdated bathroom into the stunner it is today. Our clients are over the moon with the end result!

What’s on your home remodel wish list? Call in the remodeling experts at ReCraft to help bring your vision to life!


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