The Whole House Remodeling Experience Redefined.

Any home can be your dream home. With our full home remodeling services, you don’t need to move to get the function and style that you want in your house. As the needs within your family change and your property ages, you may feel less than pleased with your daily living experience. Let us help you explore your options to transform your space into one that enhances your lifestyle, helps your family connect, and makes you feel the way you want to. You can also significantly increase the value of your property with a thoughtful remodel.

ReCraft Home Remodeling is the right team to help you discover your dream home and bring it to life. We decided to redefine the typical full home remodeling experience because we were unhappy with how stressful and demanding it is for most homeowners and their families. When you work with us, you can expect thoughtful, well-coordinated work that actually takes the stress off you.

If you are looking for high-quality, on-budget, on-time work and a simple renovation process, work with us.

The Remodeling Experience Redefined

We provide a radically different remodeling experience for our homeowners. Our team truly cares, not just about the finished project and how it will improve your daily life, but also about your experience throughout the remodel. There is no reason for our work to be a major stressor in your life, and we put in the effort to make sure you’re as comfortable and happy with the process as possible. Our friendly and caring staff put in the effort to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with both the process and product from start to finish.

  • Careful planning:  You can’t execute a project properly if it's not planned properly. We have experience with major renovations and do our best to plan for all possible scenarios. You can feel comfortable and confident trusting us with the details.
  • Clear scheduling:  You will know exactly what work will be done and when. Our scheduling is honest and clear, so you know how long you’ll be out of your home and when you’ll be able to move back in. We know that , remodeling can be disruptive to your life. We work hard to keep our timelines short and keep the schedule updated to reflect reality. 
  • Next-level communication:  We assign a Lead Carpenter to your project and have weekly site meetings to keep you up to date on any changes. You’ll receive email notifications to view the logs recorded by your team throughout the week on our construction software.
  • Actual care:  We care about how the process is for you, and how you feel about our company and your home when it’s over.

Remodeling Historical Portland Home Styles

We have a long history in Portland and respect the historical styles that you can find here. There is a certain art to making a historical style feel true, while also ensuring that the home meets your expectations and needs. Modernizing a home while keeping its charm is a great joy. We love to work with some of these unique styles that you can find throughout Portland:

  • Portland Foursquare
  • Craftsman
  • Mid-Century Modern Split Level
  • American Ranch
  • Victorian

We have experience with restoring and remodeling a wide range of historical styles and can help you find the right blend of new and old.

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I Totally Recommend ReCraft!


This is the third project ReCraft has done for us at this house, and the biggest. We love working with Mike and his crew - they are excellent craftspeople and true professionals. Mike guided us through this project from the design phase right through the last trim piece. He hires great subs, has a fantastic staff, and is always responsive to our questions, changes, and requests. Totally recommend.

Complex Remodeling Projects Deserve Care

We often work on remodeling projects that are complex and require interaction between architects, engineers, designers, and other professionals. These projects are more complicated but also have more satisfying results, as a collaboration between all of these individuals leads to a better final product that truly transforms the original space. We have strong collaboration skills that result in a high-quality finished product.

When you’re working with us you can expect us to go the extra mile and pay attention to the small details. We use environmentally responsible products and processes whenever possible, even when they add to the complexity of the project.

Major Rooms To Remodel  

Which rooms should you remodel in a full home remodel? While it isn’t necessary to do every single space in many home remodels, you likely will still want to pay attention to these major spaces:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Basement
  • Bedrooms

It is also worth considering if there are rooms or spaces that you would like to add to the home during the remodel, like wine cellars, saunas and more.

We used ReCraft on our full-house remodel, and couldn't be happier with the results. This was a major project which took 9 months to complete and left no surface in the house untouched. ReCraft was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. They are very organized, communication is great, they have a strong and reliable stable of subs, and stayed precisely on schedule to meet our move-in date. On top of all that, the caliber of work is outstanding. Highly recommended!

Very Organized & Communication Was Great!


Why Remodel Multiple Rooms At Once?

Why not do one room at a time? It’s not just that doing a full home remodel is the fastest way for you to finally get to live in a home that you love from top to bottom. Doing one major full home remodel is more efficient and effective than remodeling your home one room at a time.

When designers are looking at changing every room, or every major room in your home, they have the ability to make fundamental changes in the layout which can make your home much more functional for you. Plus, it is a significant disruption to have any space in your home remodeled. It is often better to simply handle the disruption just once.

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How To Assess Your Remodeling Needs  

Are you set on a full home remodel? Are you trying to decide which spaces need to be expanded? Or, are you happy with the bones of your house and just looking for a major style update? Wherever you are in your home remodeling journey, we are ready to help you.

Get a free quote from us today.

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