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Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall — When’s The Best Time To Remodel?

“What’s the best time to remodel my home?” homeowners often ask. The true answer is: “Any time is the right time, as long as you’re ready to do it.”

However, there are some things to consider that might factor in to your specific project and what makes the most sense for you and your family. Here are some things to think about with regards to each of the four seasons.

The Four Seasons

Remodeling In The Spring

Don’t underestimate the amount of planning it takes for a well-executed remodel
Don’t underestimate the amount of planning it takes
for a well-executed remodel

Spring is a great time to start any project. BUT, if you want to start your project in the spring, make sure to start planning for your remodel before the New Year. If you wait to start reaching out to us until after January 1, it might be too late for a spring start.

Projects like decks, patios, and outdoor rooms are good to plan for this time frame. Not only is the weather favorable this time of year, but starting your project in the spring typically means you will be able to enjoy that space for a good chunk of the summer which is the ideal time to enjoy those outdoor spaces.

Remodeling In The Summer

Laying out the foundation for N Portland Addition, Aug 2023
Laying out the foundation for a N Portland addition, Aug 2023

Like the spring, the summer weather really lends itself to tackling some major projects like a whole house remodel where the roof is removed to add a second story or a major addition to a home. It also makes sense for interior remodels – if you have a small house or we are remodeling the majority of your interior spaces, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces and the remodel won’t feel like as much of an imposition. For example, some homeowners appreciate the ability to use their outdoor grill to compensate for their lack of a range during a kitchen remodel.

Summer is meant for travel and vacations. Rest assured, even when you are gone during your remodel, we are able to communicate with you about your project through our project management software and you won’t miss a beat of what is happening on the jobsite. It’s the best of both worlds – being able to keep tabs on the project while avoiding the inevitable disruptions and noise brought on by remodeling.

Remodeling In The Fall

Use of canopies helps us remain productive through the rainy months at our N Portland addition, Oct 2023
Use of canopies helps us remain productive through the rainy months
at our N Portland addition, Oct 2023

Fall temperatures are typically mild but of course the rain starts to fall. If projects are not “dried in” (roofing installed) then we will use a combination of tarps and plastic to keep things under wraps. We can use canopies or covered patios as workstations to ensure crews are safe and working efficiently. If you prefer to be home during the remodel, fall is a great time to start a project as most people are in town when their kids start school, and it’s between any major holidays.

Remodeling In The Winter

pouring concrete for addition - Jan 2024
Our crew pouring concrete for an addition in January 2024

Although some people might not think so, winter is a fine time to remodel. Any interior project such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens can easily be completed in the winter. Even projects such as additions and dormers can be done in the winter with careful planning and rain management. The cold winter temperatures really have a profound effect on two aspects of construction: pouring concrete and painting. As we have learned though, there are often spurts of a few days here and there in each winter month, that we can pour a new foundation or paint the exterior of a home, so we watch the weather carefully. We might add in a few more buffer days to the schedule in these colder months but we are always ready to take advantage of those weather windows when we get them.

The other thing to note in the winter is that the holidays can disrupt the planning of a remodel. Although we have many years of experience navigating holiday schedules, it’s inevitable that our vendors/suppliers take time off during this time of year. This is why it’s critical to get any material selections decided well in advance of the holidays as vendor response times slow down, and manufacturers and shippers will add to their typical lead times.

Like summer, winter is also a time when you may be traveling. Another advantage is that some trades will have more capacity in the winter months as they can be typically slower and, even though there may be days off for the holidays, they may be more responsive to last-minute requests and changes, or sneaking in a whole new project altogether.

One thing we don’t recommend is timing a big remodeling project to be completed just before you are about to host family and friends during the holidays. Although we control for as many contingencies as possible, there are always change orders that are required after we are able to see inside the walls, or there may be additions to the scope of work requested by you which will result in added time to the project. It might be a missed opportunity if we are not able to fulfill those requests because we are on a strict timeline.


Completed N Portland Addition, Feb 2024

Remodeling in Portland, OR can happen any time of the year. There are definitely some things that we may need to take into account with your particular project but there’s nothing we can’t overcome with planning and communication which are hallmarks of every one of our remodeling projects.


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