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How To Choose A Remodeling Contractor In Portland

A home remodel should be a positive experience, allowing you to reinvent your living space to meet your needs. However, it takes the right remodeling contractor in Portland to ensure everything goes to plan to create the idyllic space you desire. Here, we share our pro tips on how to choose a remodeling contractor in Portland, Oregon, for a stress-free remodel that you’ll feel good about. 


remodeling contractor in portland oregon

This is obvious when choosing a remodeling contractor but important to highlight all the same. Years of experience establish a history of success and client satisfaction. It also tells you the contractor is well-versed in a wide variety of remodeling projects to be able to provide recommendations and resolve issues specific to your home.

At least 20 years of service in your area is also important, as Portland has specific considerations that impact your remodeling decisions. A contractor that’s been around for decades in Connecticut for example, but decided to expand across the country just won’t have the knowledge about Portland that an established local contractor will.

For example, if your house was built before 1940, Portland requires you to deconstruct the building manually, which means your contractor can’t use typical demolition techniques. Also, established local contractors have taken years to create a network of trusted local trades and suppliers, ensuring superior craftsmanship, quality materials, and competitive prices. A new contractor setting up shop in this area won’t have that trusted, established network to call upon. 


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Contractors come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of skill sets. You want a company that has a team of experts to manage the needs of your project. Designers, carpenters, and a contractor overseeing the project specializing in your home style and project type will ensure you have a qualified team to expertly complete your remodel. 

Plenty Of Praise

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Unfortunately, there are some remodeling contractors in Portland, Oregon, who have somehow managed to stay in business despite poor or just average performance. As a result, they have the “experience” but not the proven track record of satisfied homeowners praising the quality of their work.

To make sure you hire a trustworthy contractor, always check contractors’ websites for testimonials. Also, read online reviews from third-party sites to feel confident they will meet your needs. And if they don’t have a website? Move on! 


Industry awards also say a lot about a contractor’s integrity, craftsmanship, and ability to meet their customers’ needs. One of the most respected awards is the Nari (CotY) Award (Contractor of the Year), recognizing top performers in the remodeling industry. Whether it’s kudos from Angie’s List, magazines like Oregon Home Structure and Style, or Industry/Guildmaster Awards, industry and consumer-ranked awards speak volumes about respect in the industry and the ability to deliver superior work on your project. 

Before And After Gallery

An impressive gallery of work provides examples of the projects the contractor has completed. But it goes beyond that. You also want to see their work in detail to decide if it suits your taste. There’s no point partnering with a contractor who has only completed high-end projects, projects that are ultra niche or specific, or in neighborhoods that don’t align with your home style. You want the work to resonate with you and trigger a positive reaction that makes you feel like you’ve come home. 

Scope Of Work

Your contractor should also be able to manage whatever scope of work your remodel requires. For example, if they’re all about bathrooms or kitchens, but you need to transform your unfinished basement into an in-law suite or are looking for a whole home remodel, they won’t be as capable as a contractor who specializes in your type of project. In addition, finding a contractor with the skills to match or complement era-specific design and construction techniques ensures your remodel reflects your home’s history as well as your sense of style. 

A Process

In the remodeling business, a process can make or break your project. Remodels are complex and require attention to detail, organization, accurate quotes, and clear communication to ensure everything runs smoothly. Portland contractors should use a proven process starting with a free initial consultation to discuss and review your design requirements, estimate costs, and establish a plan.

From there, you should be provided with a detailed quote and scope of work, and formalize the agreement using a Pre-Construction Agreement followed by a Remodeling Contract. Other important steps include material selection and, once the project begins, processes for things such as change orders and adjustments. Once the project is complete, there should be a formal walk-through to review and approve the work with ongoing communication to address any unforeseen issues not noted at the approval. 

Free Onsite Consultations

your remodeling contractor in portland should provide free onsite consultations

A free initial consultation is critical to a successful remodel project. A contractor needs to understand your goals and vision and actually stand in your space so they can determine if your visions are attainable. Experienced contractors can also ballpark the costs and timelines on the spot based on your discussion so you can decide if you want to move forward. 

Standing Behind Their Work

It’s not enough to have a walk-through and sign-off at the end of the project. It can take time for issues to appear following a remodel, which is why it’s important your contractor offers some form of follow-up or check-in several weeks or months after the project is complete. This will ensure you’re still completely satisfied with your home remodeling project after living with it over time.

Also, contractors should make it clear that should anything not meet your expectations following your final approval; you can reach out to them to see if there is a solution to fix it. 

Superior Communication

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During a remodel, it’s easy to feel out of touch with what’s going on in your own home. This is often the result of a busy contractor who has spread themselves too thin. Always ask your contractor how they will keep you updated throughout the project. For example, contractors can avoid communication issues using technology such as client portals to share real-time information, including:

●     Up-to-date schedules

●     Work orders

●     Visibility plans

●     Material lists

●     Fixture lists

These tools also streamline approvals and request change orders. Superior communication means you always feel you’re in control with up-to-the-minute information that keeps you in the know from start to finish.

Along with proof of insurance and licensing, this list will help you find the ideal remodeling contractor in Portland to make your remodeling dreams come true.When choosing a remodeling contractor in Portland, Oregon, call ReCraft Remodeling today at 503-939-9782 or click here to submit your remodeling project details.


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